1. The moment I read "hella gay" I was like "my god, there IS hope in this world"

    Haha yes, there is hope bc there’re muchhh hotter gay girls than me & that is a beautiful, beautiful thing.

  2. "

    I thought you held
    fire in your palms
    because you walked through a door
    and all i could think was
    “oh god oh fuck
    i’m already gone”

    and sometimes i look at you and
    there are somehow too many words
    inside of me while at the same time
    not a single one seems strong enough
    so i end up just mumbling or staring or
    kissing you,
    and you always laugh in that way you have
    that sounds like you’re spilling over with joy
    and you ask me “where did that come from”
    even though every good thing i have ever done
    has come from you

    and sometimes i get tangled in the bad stuff and
    our palms disconnect and i usually end up
    crying in your lap about something small that happened
    and you end up having to babysit your little
    walking time bomb
    yet again
    and i always end up feeling bad about making you
    put up with that and we always end up
    somewhere on the interstate where i beg you
    “please find someone who can actually make you
    feel good”
    and you always end up saying something like
    “please stop asking me to cut myself in two”

    i’m sorry i’m so much trouble. i just
    don’t think
    i deserve you.

    Me and my girlfriend just had a fight.” /// r.i.d (via inkskinned)
  3. "I’ve stopped drinking for drunkenness, and started drinking to drown."
  4. bandsoffthewalls:

Brand New // Sic Transit Gloria


    Brand New // Sic Transit Gloria

  5. "99 problems, getting pregnant ain’t 1"
    All the gays (via thebeachthing)
  6. h0llo:

    i havent made any really bad decisions lately im getting bored

  7. noflexzoneremix:

    Someone: are you drunk ?
    *leans on wall*
    *looks left and right*
    *throws up in my mouth*
    Naw are YOU drunk nigga? Shit

  8. raybaaans:

still looking for a guy who looks/dresses like chuck bass.


    still looking for a guy who looks/dresses like chuck bass.

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